Our Story

Tail Drag Srl deals with Dry aircraft rental and was born from the Passion of the Founders for Tailwheel landing gear and mountain flying. 

Since it is almost never possible to rent aircraft with these characteristics due to their limited availability, it was decided to set up a company that was able to give the possibility to rent a tailwheel plane to those who want to use this type of vehicle. 

It was then that the search for an airplane that was suitable for this purpose began. 

After various research and reasoning, Maule MX7 180 was chosen, as today it is one of the rare tailwheel aircraft with 5 seats, excellent cruise flight characteristics and at the same time very short take-off and landing performances. 

The presence of the tow hook made it possible to further expand the versatility of the plane, as it makes it possible both to tow gliders of all kinds and to tow advertising banners.